Tension Escalates in Luxembourg Following Hamas Attack


Three days after the terrorist attacks by Hamas, which left hundreds dead, injured, and missing in Israel, the center of Luxembourg City became the site of demonstrations in support of both Israel and Palestine.

The Jewish Community of Luxembourg and the Committee for a Just Peace in the Middle East (CPJPO) organized separate but simultaneous protests at Place Clairefontaine at 6:30 PM. One side expressed "solidarity with Israel and Israelis struck by Hamas Islamist terrorism," while the other side voiced "solidarity with non-combatant Palestinians in Gaza bombarded by Israelis."

Josep Borrell, the Deputy of the European Commission, stated on Tuesday afternoon that the overwhelming majority of the 27 EU member countries are opposed to suspending financial aid to Palestinians. The European Union also opposes the blockade of Gaza by Israel.

Israel declared that after four days of fighting against the Islamist Palestinian movement Hamas, which has so far resulted in thousands of casualties, it has regained partial control of its border with the Gaza Strip, which had been under siege.

Michel Legrand, a longstanding advocate for Palestinian rights, condemns the actions taken against non-combatants in the Gaza Strip. As an active member of the Committee for a Just Peace in the Middle East (CPJPO), he adds, "But this is what happens every day in Palestine!" He emphasizes that the actions of the Israeli government and the international community cannot be overlooked. "What is happening is deeply troubling, both on the Israeli and Palestinian sides. Hamas responds in its own way, which I do not condone. However, the people of Palestine also have rights, including the right to defend themselves. Just like the people of Israel."