Jean Asselborn Supports Israel's Right to Self-Defense, Remains Silent on Release of Blocked Iranian Funds


Luxembourg's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean Asselborn, spoke on RTL Télé television about the Hamas attacks, stating, "There is no justification whatsoever for Hamas' attack on Israel."

According to the Foreign Minister, the Hamas attack had been prepared with the assistance of the "main supporter," namely the Islamic Republic of Iran, months in advance. Asselborn reiterated that there should be no pursuit of a "why," as such actions lack any justification.

Regarding European Union aid to Palestinians, the Socialist Minister stated that this aid should continue, but with cautious measures to ensure that not a single euro falls into the hands of Hamas. According to Asselborn, assistance for the civilian population is crucial, as it is not only terrorists who inhabit the Gaza Strip.

Asselborn emphasized, "Israel has a legitimate right to defend itself," a point he asserted should not be questioned. The Luxembourgish Foreign Minister did not hide his concern and fear of a potential escalation and re-ignition of hidden conflicts.

There are still 65 residents of Luxembourg in Israel. Luxembourgish authorities, along with the Belgian embassy, are in contact with them, as Luxembourg does not have its own embassy in the country. However, the Minister assured that the situation is being managed to the best extent possible.

Up until now, neither the Foreign Minister nor the Luxembourgish media have addressed the release of the blocked $1.7 billion Iranian funds in Luxembourg, which were unfrozen just days before the Hamas attack on Israel. It can be stated with absolute certainty that this money will be used to support Hamas' terrorist attacks and Iran's proxy groups in the region, or perhaps it has already been spent.