Coalition Talks Between CSV and DP for New Government Progressing Well


The first round of negotiations for forming a new government between the CSV and DP commenced on Thursday this week at the secured premises of Senningen Castle.

Following their victory in the elections on Monday, October 8, the Christian Social People's Party (CSV) and the Democratic Party (DP) officially gathered around a table this Thursday morning to initiate discussions for reaching an agreement on the formation of the future government.

Two delegations, consisting of eleven politicians from each party, led by Claude Wiseler, Co-Chair of the CSV, and Xavier Bettel, former Prime Minister and leader of the Democratic Party, entered the secured premises of Senningen Castle in Niederanven early Thursday morning, where the closed-door session took place.

Luc Frieden announced, "We have made more progress than I expected." He emphasized a "common desire to achieve results" and added that "the people are sticking together" and "both sides are pursuing the same goals." The newly titled Duke also pointed out that he "doesn't see any issue that would lead to unsolvable disputes."

He reiterated his hope to "ensure that the government can be formed quickly" and be able to make decisions. As "we are facing a construction and housing crisis in Luxembourg (to maintain social cohesion) and a geopolitical situation (referring to the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East) that is very concerning."

"Serious and swift" discussions are underway. They will convene again on Friday morning (to examine the financial situation of the government) and will hold a session to divide ministries.

Therefore, Luc Frieden will lead the negotiations in the coming weeks. His role as a "coach" places him above the parties. His mission, entrusted to him by Grand Duke Henri, is to find a coalition that will lead the country for the next five years.