What's Happening in Israel Bears Resemblance to 9/11


Idit Rosenzweig-Abu, Israel's Ambassador to Belgium, also responsible for Luxembourg, stated in an interview with RTL that the current events in Israel can be compared to 9/11. This is why the Israeli government expects a similar level of international support.

"Is the smallest hostage in Gaza for six months getting what they need? Do they still have their mother? Or have they perished? What plight befalls a child? Many hostages are individuals in wheelchairs. Women you have seen in videos released by Palestinians with bloodied pants. Have they been assaulted? Are they currently being violated?" These are questions that the people of Israel constantly ask themselves.

The Israeli Ambassador emphasizes that more importantly, the question arises as to which countries, like Russia, Iran, and Lebanon, support Hamas. However, we should no longer expect Western governments to support Palestinians: "Do not support them anymore, do not finance them anymore, do not open doors for them anymore. Hamas is a terrorist organization, Palestinians know they will not receive rights or aid in the coming weeks and months because of Hamas."

The Ambassador cannot and does not want to comment on the planned actions of the Israeli army, but states, "We want to destroy the entire leadership of this organization, and we know where they are, not always, but from time to time, because 'we' have succeeded in striking the organization before. So we want to destroy them for a long time, maybe forever. Will we succeed? I don't know, but I hope so."

The Ambassador also emphasizes that the people of Gaza will be encouraged to evacuate city centers to be secure in the event of a ground invasion.