Brace Yourself for a Drastic Temperature Drop!


Are you ready to bid farewell to the warm summer air? Temperatures in Luxembourg and neighboring countries are set to plummet, not just slightly, but drastically!

Following an unusually warm September, October has kicked off in an equally unusual manner. Summer-like temperatures exceeding 20 degrees Celsius have persisted over the past few days in Luxembourg, and this Friday will be no exception, with highs reaching up to 25 degrees Celsius across the nation!

However, starting from Saturday, summer is slated to retreat, making way for autumn with even greater vigor. Temperatures in the morning will dip below 10 degrees Celsius, and in the afternoon, they will stay under 20 degrees Celsius, accompanied by a touch of rain.

Come Monday, the sun will make a reappearance, but temperatures will only reach around 10 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. On Tuesday, the mercury is expected to drop to a chilly 0 degrees Celsius in the morning. In short, it's time to bid adieu to lightweight attire and opt for jackets to combat the gradually cooling mornings!