Invitation for Vulnerable Individuals to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19


Recommendations regarding COVID-19 vaccination and booster shots were issued by the Supreme Council of Infectious Diseases (CSMI) two weeks ago.

In their statement, the CSMI advised vulnerable individuals to get vaccinated this fall. A circular containing these same recommendations has also been sent to general practitioners, according to the Ministry of Health.

Stock and Planned Deliveries

Luxembourg currently has 26,880 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech booster vaccine (XBB1.5), including 17,280 for adults, 4,800 for children, and 4,800 doses for those aged 6 months to 4 years.

The Ministry of Health has also confirmed to RTL that new deliveries are scheduled in the coming weeks.

Demand is on the Rise

In September, a total of 19 doctors requested vaccines, resulting in a total of 486 doses. In the first week of October, this number increased to 93 for a total of 3,138 doses ordered. These figures have been officially confirmed by the Ministry of Health to RTL.

If you fall into the category of vulnerable individuals due to physical health conditions, please consult your general practitioner for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.