Warning: Special Alerts to Residents as Hunting Season Begins in Luxembourg


As the hunting season kicks off this Saturday, a prevention campaign led by the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, Road Safety Association, and the Saint-Hubert Federation of Hunters of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has been launched. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness among all road users to exercise increased caution and vigilance regarding accidents involving wildlife.

Drivers are urged to pay even closer attention to the sides of the road, especially when road signs warn of the risk of wild animal crossings. They are also invited to adjust their speed when passing through wooded areas.

If you encounter a wild animal on the road, reduce your speed, honk, and turn on your headlights. If a collision is unavoidable, do not attempt to swerve around the animal. It is recommended to firmly grip the steering wheel with both hands, continue in a straight path, and apply emergency braking.

In the event of a collision with game, it is essential to wear a safety vest upon leaving the vehicle, turn on hazard lights, secure the accident site, and finally, inform the police. Do not touch or move the injured or deceased animal. Law enforcement will handle the situation or contact the relevant services.

Furthermore, walkers are advised to avoid these areas as much as possible during the hunting season. If you are out walking with your furry friends (dogs), refrain from letting them off the leash during hunting season, as they may either be attacked by fleeing animals, accidentally become targets instead of prey, or distance themselves from you while chasing fleeing animals and become lost. All hunting locations and dates can be found on the platform www.geoportail.lu