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Socialists and Pirates Criticize the New Government

The new session of parliament kicked off with criticism directed at the CSV and DP parties, two parties currently in the midst of negotiations to form a new government.
To start, the Pirate Party, based on a claim by Luk Freden (CSV) who had confirmed during coalition talks that public finances were not in good shape, requested details on public finances. This claim is also confirmed by documents from the National Inspectorate Organization.
According to the Pirates, these findings are in complete contradiction with the predictions presented to the parliament several months ago. Therefore, the opposition party is demanding absolute transparency and immediate access to these documents discussed in coalition sessions.
The LSAP party, which has recently taken seats in the opposition and is no longer part of the coalition negotiations, has also raised the same request, meaning access to the report on public finances, by sending their complaints through a letter to the President of Parliament, Michel Walter.
According to several sources, it has been requested that the latest developments be sent to the members of parliament as soon as possible. The Socialist Party is disappointed and fails to understand why elected representatives do not have similar information to the participating delegations in coalition talks, which include individuals who have not been democratically elected.

Posted on November 2, 2023