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Luxembourg's National Messaging App Now Available to the Public

The national messaging application of Luxembourg, "LuxChat," has been made available for public use. Previously, this service was restricted to internal communications within governmental members.

Enhanced Security and Encryption:
While not in direct competition with WhatsApp, LuxChat stands out, particularly in terms of security and data encryption. It offers higher security measures compared to existing messaging platforms. LuxChat is accessible to all users, including businesses, organizations, and the public, completely free of charge.

Government Adoption:
According to the Ministry of Digitalization, before its public release, 8,000 out of 25,000 government officials regularly utilized the application for communication. This national and secure service was conceptualized in Luxembourg following the devastating floods of 2021. In 2022, the development of an instant, secure, and independent messaging platform for Luxembourg was officially announced.
Claude Demuth, Head of LuxChat, explained during the app's launch as part of "Luxembourg Internet Days" in Kirchberg: "We are not Facebook, but we want to build something for the future." It operates as an "ecosystem composed of multiple providers." We ensure that no data is sold, and no data is misused. This application is completely secure. It is encrypted."

Data Protection:
Unlike free services like WhatsApp, which collect personal messages for advertising purposes, LuxChat retains data within Luxembourg's borders, with no external advertising involved. The platform also complies with Luxembourg and European data protection laws. According to Claude Demuth, this service is not only relevant for individuals but also for companies looking to create a secure environment for their employees or customers: "One of our partners is Post Luxembourg. They intend to replace email with this chat system in the near future, as emails are no longer secure."

Sharing Capabilities:
Similar to other messaging services, private users can share written messages, documents, images, and videos, with a limit of 50 megabytes. Registration for LuxChat is done through LuxID, a new digital identity service.

Date Published: November 8, 2023