Coalition Agreement Nearing Completion, But Formation of New Government Not Yet Anticipated

Since October 11, winning parties CSV and DP have been engaged in intensive negotiations to form a coalition government for the future. However, a concrete agreement has not yet been reached.

Optimistic Outlook:
Speaking with a smile but a hint of weariness in his voice, Luc Frieden stated, "If we continue the negotiations we've had so far, it is likely that we will finalize the coalition talks by the end of next week. However, this coalition must come to fruition quickly, as Luxembourg cannot afford to be without a government for an extended period. Challenges lie ahead for Luxembourg, particularly in areas such as housing and the serious international situation."
Common Ideals: "A Government with Shared Beliefs"
Luc Frieden does not shy away from acknowledging differences, but he prefers to emphasize the prevailing spirit at the negotiation table, showcasing the emerging unity. According to him, "It is crucial to have a government with shared beliefs." While there are differing sensitivities, the shared goals—strengthening purchasing power, combating poverty, and building more—are paramount.

Portfolio Distribution:
Frieden admitted to considering the allocation of ministerial portfolios "as a coach would intensely think about it," but he assures that "it has not yet been discussed between the parties." This does not necessarily mean that the new Frieden government will be formed and ready for launch by the end of next week. They are currently "discussing the finer points," but "a definitive decision on the exact dimensions of the coalition agreement has not yet been made."

Progress Report Meeting:
Luc Frieden is set to meet with Grand Duke on Thursday to present a progress report on the negotiations. Since Xavier Bettel will be participating in an international conference on the situation in the Middle East, particularly the humanitarian aid provided in the Gaza Strip, coalition negotiations will be temporarily halted on Friday. A return to Senningen Castle is scheduled for Saturday.

Date Published: November 8, 2023