The Struggle of a Family Forced to Leave Their Apartment

The housing crisis manifests in various ways, from a stagnant real estate market due to rising interest rates to a significant surge in rents for tenants seeking new homes. Low-income tenants quickly reach the limits of their budgets when searching for a new rental, especially when faced with the constraint of a time frame imposed by the landlord asserting personal need. This is precisely the plight of the Mariotti family.
According to our colleagues at RTL: After lengthy procedures, numerous apartment visits, and a legal battle, the couple received the eviction notice on October 20th, the final step in the process. It all began with the termination of their apartment lease. While lease terminations are not uncommon, the Mariotti case took a dire turn when they started searching for a new place over a year ago. The couple, who receives social inclusion income, faces challenges finding affordable housing due to intense competition in the private market and a shortage of social or affordable housing options.
In Luxembourg, unlike France, extreme cases can lead to evictions even in November. According to lawyer Georges Krieger, specialized in real estate law, eviction rarely reaches its ultimate stage in about four to five cases out of a hundred. Unfortunately, for the Mariotti family, the landlord's insistence on personal need, combined with their inability to find alternative housing, has pushed them into the catastrophic scenario of eviction.
With a low income, the chances of securing a rental in the private market are slim due to competition, and the public market suffers from a shortage of social or affordable housing. The City of Luxembourg Social Office acknowledges the Mariotti family's dramatic situation is not an isolated case. Despite the frustration of the social office team, they can only offer limited assistance. While they can guide applicants through various procedures and provide emergency shelter for a night, long-term solutions remain elusive.
Manuel Mariotti explains the challenges faced when attempting to secure housing in the private rental market, where competition is fierce. The family's limited budget further complicates matters, as they seek apartments with only one bedroom, a preference frowned upon by landlords due to their existing child and an upcoming addition to the family.
On Tuesday, the couple and their young daughter had to permanently leave their apartment, marking a profoundly distressing moment. Currently, the family resides in a room provided by a Luxembourg City shelter, uncertain about the duration of their stay. 

November 14, 2023