Countdown to Coalition Agreement Signing in Luxembourg: Will it Really Happen by Thursday?

In a significant development, Luxembourg's CSV and DP parties have finally reached an agreement on the coalition deal, crucial for the formation of the new government. Prime Minister-elect Luc Frieden shared the latest progress in a press interview on Monday, stating that negotiations had successfully concluded. According to Frieden, both parties confirmed their alignment on mutual priorities, emphasizing that the initial goals were remarkably similar, with the focus of the talks mainly on specific details.
While Frieden highlighted that several texts still need finalization, a substantial portion of the program has been effectively completed. With events unfolding, political leaders aim to sign the coalition agreement this Thursday following Luc Frieden's final meeting with the leaders of the DP and the CSV, Claude Wiseler, and Xavier Bettel, who are leading the respective negotiations. It is during this moment that the official confirmation of the government members' names will be announced.
If the Thursday signing takes place, key negotiation points will immediately be made public. However, it's important to note that both CSV and DP must still obtain approval for this agreement from their respective commissions. The agreement includes a common stance on issues such as housing construction, climate, and purchasing power. Additionally, a decision has been made to limit the number of ministers from the current 17 to 15, and notably, there will no longer be a Minister of Foreign Affairs.

November 14, 2023