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Amazon Introduces New Delivery Option in Luxembourg: Pack Up Your Package Anywhere But Home

Amazon customers in Germany can now opt for a new and convenient delivery service, allowing them to receive their packages at a post office or a pack-up station 24/7. This user-friendly feature was officially launched on Tuesday through a collaborative effort between Luxembourg Post and Amazon.
The innovative service is poised to make life easier for consumers. As of Tuesday, Luxembourg residents ordering through the Amazon Germany website can choose to have their Amazon packages delivered to a location other than their home or usual address. During the ordering process, each customer now has the option to select either a pack-up station or a local post office as the delivery destination. It's important to note that this service is exclusively available through the Amazon Germany website for customers in Luxembourg.
In a joint press statement, Luxembourg Post and Amazon explained, "When the package is ready for collection, the customer will receive an email and notification with all the necessary details for package retrieval." Notably, there is no need for customers to register for the pack-up service. Delivery at a post office only requires presenting the tracking number and valid identification.
This collaboration between Luxembourg Post and Amazon aims to enhance the flexibility and convenience of package deliveries, providing customers with more control over how and where they receive their Amazon orders. The move reflects a commitment to customer satisfaction and an adaptation to evolving consumer preferences in the rapidly changing landscape of e-commerce.

November 14, 2023