Composition of Luxembourg's New Cabinet Unveiled

Luxembourg's Prime Minister-elect, Luc Frieden, known as the "coach," has revealed the lineup for the upcoming government cabinet ahead of the scheduled inauguration on Friday.
The Democratic Liberals, as a minority party in the government, secure key ministries. Addressing the significant housing crisis in Luxembourg, Claude Meisch will take on the role of Minister of Housing, combining it with responsibilities in National Education and Regional Planning. Meanwhile, former Finance Minister Yuriko Backes will assume responsibilities for Defense, Public Works, Transportation, Gender Equality, and Diversity.
To complete their seven-member team in the fifteen-member executive, the Liberal Democrats have introduced two unexpected faces. Eric Thill, the fourth-ranked candidate for DP (Democratic Party) in the North in the October 8 elections, known for becoming the youngest mayor in the country's history in 2019, will serve as Minister of Culture and Delegate Minister for Tourism. Additionally, Dr. Stéphanie Obertin, 11th on the DP list, will join the executive as Minister of Digitalization, Higher Education, and Research.
Notably, three of the selected individuals did not secure seats in the October 8 elections. Xavier Bettel, also the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Cooperation, External Trade, and the Greater Region, will assume the position of Deputy Prime Minister.
The Christian Social People's Party (CSV) will hold eight ministerial positions, including Luc Frieden: Martine Hansen (Agriculture, Food, and Viticulture), Léon Gloden (Internal Affairs), Gilles Roth (Finance), Elisabeth Margue (Justice, Relations with Parliament, Media, and Communications), Serge Wilmes (Environment, Climate, Biodiversity, Public Service), and Georges Mischo (Labor and Sports). State Councilor Martine Deprez will serve as the Minister of Health.
Despite being a minority in the government, the Democratic Party (DP) will control substantial ministries, reflecting the intricate balance of Luxembourg's political landscape.
November 15, 2023