China Southern Airlines to Establish Direct Flights between Luxembourg and China

China Southern Airlines is set to revolutionize travel between Europe and Central China with the launch of a direct flight connecting Luxembourg City to Zhengzhou.
In a historic move, China Southern Airlines plans to introduce the first-ever direct flight linking Luxembourg's Findel Airport to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. The inaugural flights are scheduled to commence on December 22, offering passengers a seamless connection between the heart of Europe and the economically vibrant region of Zhengzhou.
The establishment of this direct air route by China Southern Airlines, one of Asia's major carriers, highlights the economic, cultural, and touristic ties between Luxembourg and China. Zhengzhou serves as a strategic hub in central China, providing numerous opportunities for Luxembourgish businesses while facilitating swift access for tourists and investors to this rapidly growing region.
The introduction of this direct flight is poised to significantly enhance travel convenience by eliminating the need for lengthy layovers, providing passengers with a swift and direct connection between Luxembourg and the thriving economic hub of Zhengzhou. This move is expected to strengthen economic, cultural, and tourist ties between Luxembourg and China, fostering increased collaboration and mutual benefit.
November 15, 2023