CSV and DP Parties Approve Government Program, Opponents Deem It "Ambiguous"

Luxembourg - November 24, 2023

The new government program presented by Prime Minister Luc Frieden on Thursday underwent parliamentary scrutiny on Thursday with the presence of political representatives in the chamber. At the conclusion of this debate, the CSV-DP majority granted the government a vote of confidence with 35 in favor, while dissenters opposed.
Marc Spautz, the leader of the parliamentary group CSV, opened the discourse, emphasizing the strengthening of the nation, population, and alleviation of accumulated concerns and fears. He explicitly highlighted the frequent appearance of the phrases "social cohesion" and "social dialogue" - a total of 101 times within the government program. Additionally, in his address, Spautz delved into specific points regarding health policies and labor laws. Regarding poverty and inequality, echoing Luc Frieden, Spautz identified housing as a fundamental issue and welcomed the government's actions in this domain.
Following this, Gilles Baum, head of the DP faction, took the floor. He concurred on the necessity to stimulate housing construction, suggesting a revisitation of the fiscal benefits to increase investment. However, Baum acknowledged DP's past limitations within the previous government concerning this matter. Hence, it wasn't surprising that his faction also supported the government program. Nevertheless, Baum, at the outset of his speech, primarily defended the work of the previous government, extending gratitude to their former coalition partners, LSAP and the Greens, for their excellent collaboration.
Opposition parties within the chamber raised questions about the objectives and plans of the new government, withholding their confidence vote. Nonetheless, in the face of the CSV-DP majority with 35 votes in favor, they didn’t grant confidence to the new government. It remains to be seen how closely the new government will adhere to its campaign slogans and how steadfastly it will uphold its goals and actions.