"Consider Medical Centers Before Heading to Emergency!"

Luxembourg - November 24, 2023

A new health ministry campaign aims to encourage patients to visit medical centers rather than emergency rooms.
Titled "Consider Medical Centers Before Heading to Emergency!" the campaign seeks to incentivize patients to seek care at medical facilities instead of relying solely on hospital emergency services by providing tailored, quick responses to patients' needs.
Medical centers serve as an alternative for patients with less severe conditions—those whose health situations do not require immediate intervention. The aim is to reserve emergency services for serious cases and life-threatening injuries. The Health Department stated in a press release that medical centers are "specifically equipped and staffed by medical specialists capable of providing effective care for less severe cases."
Adhering to these recommendations reduces pressure on emergency services, allowing them to focus better on truly serious and urgent cases.
Addresses of four medical centers in Luxembourg:
  • City Medical Center: 23, Val Fleuri, L-1526 Luxembourg
  • Belvaux Medical Center: 3-5, avenue du Swing, L-4367 Belvaux
  • Ettelbruck Medical Center: 110, avenue Lucien Salentiny, L-9080 Ettelbruck
  • Children's Medical Center (CHL – KannerKlinik): 4, rue Ernest Barblé L-1210 Luxembourg
This awareness campaign will be disseminated across social media platforms. Brochures will also be distributed in general practitioner clinics and pharmacies.
Further information about medical centers and the services they offer is available on the website www.sante.lu or by calling 20333111.