"Rally in Luxembourg: Calls for Peace Amid Middle East Conflicts"

Luxembourg - November 27, 2023

Two demonstrations took place on Saturday related to the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel in the capital of Luxembourg. One rally was organized to demand a ceasefire in Gaza, while another, a few hundred meters away, called for the release of all Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. Both groups, in their own words, advocated for peace in the Middle East and expressed regret over the absence of an Israeli booth at this year's international market. The international market without Israel is deemed unacceptable by many. In past years, one of the busiest booths at the international market was Israel's. However, it seems that organizers of this year's market did not permit Israel's participation.
The starting point for the demonstrations for a Gaza ceasefire was at Philharmonie, where protesters gathered before marching towards the city and Clairefontaine Square. In recent days, seeing Palestinian flags on the streets of the city has become more prevalent than ever. According to a passerby, the sight of Middle Eastern flags in Luxembourg has become a seasonal norm - last year it was all about Iran and Ukraine, and this year it's Palestine and Israel. "We wish for peace for the whole world," they added.
Interestingly, neither group featured any representatives from the Israeli community.