"Responding to Severe Domestic Violence: Essential Steps and Support in Luxembourg

Luxembourg - November 27, 2023

In observance of Orange Week:
During critical moments, the emergency hotline 113 is accessible 24/7. However, if a victim is unable to make a call, alternative options exist.
Whether it's sexual violence, assault, or domestic abuse, it's crucial for victims and witnesses to contact authorities to initiate necessary actions.
The initial response always involves contacting 113 to report any dangerous situation. If a victim cannot make a call or fears their partner might overhear, texting 113 becomes vital. In such cases, it's essential to mention your name and address in the message, briefly describe the situation, and even if language is a barrier, use Google Translate and specify the need for a translator.
Another solution: the "electronic call" feature accessible through the police app for sending messages. In this scenario, if the user configures the app during installation, contact information is automatically transferred.
If you witnessed domestic violence, promptly alert the police; officers immediately assess the situation and take necessary actions at the crime scene. They identify various clues and interview relevant individuals on-site.
Victims are advised to seek medical examination promptly to address potential injuries. If all justifiable criteria for the alleged perpetrator's eviction are met, authorities bring them to the police station for subsequent administrative procedures. A report containing all observed elements is prepared and forwarded to the prosecutor's office. Based on this, the prosecutor either grants or denies the alleged perpetrator's eviction.
In cases of severe domestic violence, it's imperative to swiftly seek help and utilize available resources to ensure safety and proper legal recourse.