"CCSS Scam Unfolding in Luxembourg: National Health Fund Issues Warning"

Luxembourg - November 27, 2023

This time, CNS, the National Health Fund, issues a warning through its social media networks: criminals have launched an extensive and highly targeted scam campaign in Luxembourg.
Fraudulent emails, bearing the logo of the Joint Social Security Centre (CCSS), are being sent out to gather private information from recipients across Luxembourg.
The message, containing a link within the email, requests recipients to renew their social security card. Under no circumstances should individuals click on the link or fill out any form on the fake CCSS website, which has an address of (ccss-lu.com - beware, do not enter this site). The genuine website for the Joint Social Security Centre is ccss.lu.
The National Health Fund explains that its technical security team is currently conducting investigations to identify the perpetrators behind this phishing attempt and prevent this fraudulent activity.