What do you know about Ms. Marjolijan Frieden, the wife of the new prime minister?

Luxembourg - December 4, 2023

For the past two weeks, Luxembourg has welcomed a new Prime Minister from the Christian Social People's Party, named Luc Freiden. His spouse, Marjolijn Freiden, aged 59 and born in the Netherlands, accompanies him in this journey.
The story of Luc and Marjolijn dates back 37 years to their time at the University of Cambridge in the UK. Though it might not have been love at first sight, they swiftly found each other and fell deeply in love. According to Marjolijn, Luke's passion for public speaking during his European law studies hinted at his ambitious nature from an early stage.
Following their time at Cambridge, Marjolijn Drogleever Fortuyn returned to the Netherlands for work, maintaining a long-distance relationship. They could have pursued careers in any major city worldwide, but a sense of rootedness drew them to a decision: Luxembourg became their chosen home, where they eventually tied the knot.
Marjolijn Freiden is an avid reader, with one of her favorite authors being Ken Follett. The couple also enjoys brisk walks, relishing their strolls at a swift pace. Often spending their vacations in the Netherlands or Switzerland, they prioritize visits to their children in Paris or Munich during leisure moments.
Despite her husband's new role as Prime Minister, Marjolijn Freiden maintains her career in banking, serving as the head of the legal department, leading a team of 12 lawyers. In Luxembourg, the Prime Minister's spouse holds no formal role within the government.