Sharp Rise in Respiratory Syncytial Virus Cases Compared to COVID

Luxembourg - December 4, 2023

Cases of COVID-19 and influenza have been on the rise in the past week, alongside a significant surge in cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).
In the previous week, the number of reported cases of RSV by laboratories in Luxembourg escalated to 100 cases, compared to just 55 cases the week prior. This reflects an 82% increase, as highlighted in the Ministry of Health's weekly report on the trend of acute respiratory infections.
RSV remains the most prevalent cause of respiratory infections in infants worldwide. This highly contagious virus primarily affects infants under two years of age.
While the number of COVID-19 cases has increased marginally to 319 cases compared to 259 cases the previous week, marking a 23% rise, the positivity rate remains relatively unchanged at around 22%. There has been a slight uptick in the viral concentration identified in wastewater.
Regarding influenza, the reported cases have risen to 43, reflecting a 79% increase compared to 24 cases reported the week before.
As RSV and influenza cases surge, health authorities are closely monitoring the situation and advising increased vigilance, particularly among vulnerable populations, emphasizing the need for preventive measures to curb the spread of these respiratory viruses.