Stricter Asylum Policy Advocated by Léon Gloden in Luxembourg

Luxembourg - December 6, 2023

During his inaugural Justice and Home Affairs Council (JHA) meeting, the new Minister of Interior of Luxembourg, Léon Gloden, emphasized the challenges faced by Luxembourg concerning the return of rejected asylum seekers.
Gloden, representing the CSV party, advocated for a cohesive European approach to expedite the repatriation process of rejected asylum seekers back to their countries of origin.
Responding to a journalist's query about his inclination toward a stricter asylum policy in Europe, Gloden explained his preference for a responsible and more efficient approach. He stated, "Applicants meeting the criteria should be integrated and supported, while those not meeting the criteria require a European solution for orderly returns."
Additionally, the Minister, representing the Luxembourg government, positively acknowledged Bulgaria and Romania's impending accession to the Schengen area.
In this council session, apart from discussing European migration and asylum policies, the ramifications of conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East on the internal security of the European Union were also deliberated upon.