Police Finally Empowered to Expel beggars

Luxembourg - December 15, 2023

With the arrival of a new government, sweeping changes are on the horizon. As initially outlined by the Luxembourg City Council earlier this year, the expulsion of squatters on a city-wide scale is now set to be enforced.
The newly appointed Minister of Police, Leon Gloudon from the Christian Social People's Party, has overturned the decision made by former Minister Taina Bofferding from the Socialist Party. This change grants the police the authority to intervene during specific times and remove beggars from the streets.
Under the previous government, the Luxembourg City Council sought to tighten its police regulations, a move that was resisted by the former minister at the time.
It appears that Gloudon's successor, while retaining the position of the new Minister of Police, will follow through with the DP/CSV trend in the capital and ultimately issue permits for the relocation of certain individuals starting next week.
The Mayor of Luxembourg City emphasized that this action targets squatters operating within organized groups.
The Police Minister's decision to issue stricter expulsion permits and ban begging in the capital nullifies the Luxembourg City Council's legal standoff against the former Minister, Taina Bofferding's opposition.