End of Free Advertisements in Mailboxes

Luxembourg - December 15, 2023

Good news for those vexed by daily doses of advertisements and commercial messages cluttering their mailboxes.
Starting January 1st, an enforceable agreement will put an end to these ads being distributed in mailboxes across Luxembourg. Only mailboxes equipped with a specific label indicating a willingness to receive such advertisements will be catered to, adhering to this new regulation.
However, free newspapers remain unaffected by this limitation. All labels, even those previously affixed by mailbox owners, will be honored. The yellow label "Keng Reklamme w.e.g." will no longer be valid.
These regulations stem from a law passed in June last year aimed at reducing waste.
This initiative is backed by the postal service, supported by the campaign "Meng Boîte – meng Reklammen" ("My Box, My Ads" in English). Three labels for affixing to mailboxes will be distributed this week in Luxembourg, allowing residents to signify their preference for receiving advertisements by attaching the chosen label to their mailbox.