Beware of New Scams and Phishing Attempts Under the Name LuxTrust

Luxembourg - December 15, 2023

For several months, the Luxembourg market has faced increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks through email, SMS, and telephone calls.
Some fraudsters now pose as representatives of LuxTrust, claiming fraudulent transactions on the target's bank account to extract sensitive information from users of this service.
Under no circumstances should these requests be entertained; this is yet another full-fledged scam.
Typically, a user receives an email or SMS urging immediate action by clicking on a link (updating their data to continue accessing a service, etc.). They are then directed to a fake site and prompted to input their credit card details and/or personal information by entering their LuxTrust username, password, and one-time passcode (OTP) multiple times in some instances.
These hackers also present themselves as LuxTrust agents over the phone, displaying the LuxTrust phone number. They claim fraudulent transactions on the victim's bank account, supposedly asking for validation of authenticity to prevent fraud.
The aim of these hackers is to place victims in a stressful situation where they react quickly, without considering necessary security measures.
It's important to remember that safeguarding sensitive information (passwords, OTPs) is crucial. These access elements ensure secure access to banking domains and their administrative procedures and should under no circumstances be shared verbally or otherwise with another individual.
LuxTrust never requests sensitive information via phone or email. In emergency situations or if someone falls victim to these hackers, the incident must be immediately reported via phone at Customer Services: 24550550 or via email at question@luxtrust.