Potential Ban on "Snus Blanc" Sales in Luxembourg - Is It Happening?

Luxembourg - December 20, 2023

The blend of tobacco and nicotine known as "snus blanc" currently holds legality for sale exclusively in Sweden. Other European countries have barred its presence on their store shelves. However, in Luxembourg, "snus blanc," devoid of tobacco, offering various flavors, and entirely sweetened, remains in production.
Belgium and the Netherlands previously issued directives prohibiting it due to its potential for promoting ultimate tobacco consumption. Nevertheless, Luxembourg manufactures these pouches, with Heintz Van Landewyck producing over 1,000 units per minute, distributing them across dozens of European countries. According to manufacturers, "Snus blanc serves as an alternative to regular tobacco, such as cigarettes. Being non-combustible, it poses no significant health risks."
However, despite assertions by the National Center for Addiction Prevention (CNAPA) that "snus blanc" contains fewer carcinogenic substances, these products aren't devoid of risk. Nicotine, in reality, holds a high potential for addiction.
The National Center for Addiction Prevention regrets the absence of necessary regulations in Luxembourg: no minimum purchase age, no ingredient registration, and no precision in dosage.
Tropical breeze, red sapphire berries, polar mint - even the flavors offered by this brand evoke sweetness. As often seen in numerous TikTok videos, youths are enamored with snus, even indulging in doses containing up to 50 milligrams of nicotine.
However, health authorities prefer taking cues from outside: "When I see the decisions neighboring countries have made, we lean more towards stringent regulations or even prohibition here."