Warning: Avoid Consuming Reblochon Cheese

Luxembourg - December 20, 2023

Following the recommendation of the ALVA Food Safety Agency, Delhaize chain stores have committed to withdrawing Reblochon cheese from the market, removing all affected products from shelves, due to an excessive presence of Staphylococci bacteria.
Customers who have purchased this product are urged to refrain from consuming it. They have the option to return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund for any damaged items.
The affected product details are as follows:
  • Brand: DELHAIZE
  • EAN Code: 2218190000000
  • Batch Numbers: 307475 / 307482 / 307485 / 314492
  • Expiry Dates: 19-12-2023 / 21-12-2023 / 26-12-2023 / 28-12-2023
  • Marketing Period: November 29, 2023, to December 16, 2023
Other products within a similar range remain unaffected and can be consumed without concern. Delhaize expresses its apologies for any inconvenience caused.