Inflation, Housing, and Migration Concern Luxembourg Residents

Luxembourg - December 20, 2023

Recently, a Eurobarometer survey on European concerns, especially regarding living conditions in Luxembourg, has been released. Despite expressed concerns by participants, 9 out of 10 Luxembourgers describe the country's situation as "good," a notably positive sentiment, especially among the youth.
They also exhibit more belief in the European spirit compared to older generations and even more than neighboring countries. As highlighted by the head of the Luxembourg delegation to the European Commission, residents of Luxembourg remain "pro-European."
However, the outlook for the future remains cautious even among Luxembourgers: "We must take this matter seriously. It's no wonder that housing and inflation remain the biggest worries among our fellow citizens, and this concern remains unchanged," as stated by the head of the Luxembourg delegation.
Crime and immigration also figure prominently in the results, likely due to the issue of excessive migrant presence, which also concerns many Luxembourg residents. "This is a subject that should be discussed in the upcoming European elections," added the head of the Luxembourg delegation, advocating for more transparency in discussions: "Who are we talking about, who are refugees, and who are immigrants? What advantages can Luxembourg offer, and what measures should be taken to welcome these individuals?" Overall, Luxembourg and other European countries intend to adopt stricter positions regarding migrants.
Negotiations are currently underway in Brussels. Authorities are hopeful of reaching an agreement on migration at the European level by the beginning of next year.