Luxembourg Announces Continued and Stricter Immigration Policy

Luxembourg - January 11, 2024

Léon Gloden, the Minister of Interior, has expressed his commitment to maintaining continuity in the government's immigration policy without causing any disruption. Marc Lies, head of the parliamentary commission on internal affairs (CSV), assures that compared to the immigration policies of recent years (referring to the policies of former Socialist Minister Jean Asselborn), everything will persist as usual, with no substantial ruptures or fundamental changes.
Léon Gloden, from the CSV party, oversees asylum policy, while his colleague Max Hahn, from the DP party, is responsible for reception structures and the integration of asylum seekers. According to a report prepared by Marc Lies, he intends to "improve specific procedures regarding the potential return or deportation of asylum seekers to their home country with respect and dignity for the applicants."
Gloden emphasized the need to assist individuals likely to meet asylum conditions in their integration efforts. In an interview with L'essentiel last week, he stated, "For asylum applicants whose cases have been rejected, our government's duty is to firmly assist them in returning to their countries."
The government aims to uphold a balanced approach that ensures a humane and respectful process, focusing on both the integration of those meeting asylum criteria and the appropriate assistance for rejected applicants returning to their home countries. The continued commitment to stability in immigration policy is seen as a reflection of Luxembourg's dedication to handling immigration matters with both compassion and practicality.