Luxembourg Passport Maintains Its Position Among the World's Strongest

Luxembourg - January 11, 2024

Luxembourg's passport continues to be one of the most powerful globally, providing access to 191 countries without the need for a visa, according to the annual study by Henley & Partners.
Ranked alongside passports from countries such as Japan, Bermuda, the United States, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, and Turkey, Luxembourg's passport stands out among the highest-ranking documents globally. With visa-free entry to 191 countries, it secures its place as one of the strongest identity documents on the planet.
In the Henley & Partners study, Luxembourg's passport claims the fourth spot, sharing its visa-free access to 191 borders with countries like Belgium, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. Only 13 countries surpass Luxembourg in this regard.
At the top of the ranking are six countries, including our French and German neighbors, boasting joint records with Italy, Japan, Spain, and Singapore, allowing passport holders visa-free entry to 194 different countries. The passports of Finland, South Korea, and Sweden grant entry to 193 countries, while those of Austria, Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands open doors to 192 borders
The study highlights the importance of originating from a wealthy and stable country for unrestricted travel. In contrast, at the bottom of the ranking, Afghanistan's passport permits entry to only 28 countries, Syria to 29 countries, and the Iraqi passport to 31 countries. Luxembourg's continued prominence in these global rankings underscores the country's commitment to international engagement and diplomacy.