"Stay at home if possible"

Red Alert: The government has announced a red alert and state of emergency for Wednesday, January 17

Luxembourg - January 16, 2024

This Wednesday, 17 January 2024, Luxembourg is under a red alert due to heavy snowfall and icy conditions. The Luxembourg Crisis Unit advises residents to stay at home if possible. The Luxembourg Meteorological Organization predicts significant freezing rain across the country, accompanied by a snowfall ranging from 15 to 20 centimeters.
The precipitation is expected to transition from rain to freezing rain between 6 am and late afternoon. In response to the severe weather conditions, the Ministry of Education, Children, and Youth has granted exemptions to elementary and high school students, as well as those attending specialized educational skill centers.
However, schools, high schools, specialized skill centers, and educational structures (such as kindergartens, relay houses, school dormitories, etc.) will remain open to accommodate students who need to attend. Reception services will be provided during class hours.
All school buses, including Mobibus and Adapto, will not be in operation tomorrow.
Please note that travel to France is prohibited for trucks weighing more than 7.5 tons after midnight.

Safety Recommendations:
  • Stay at home if possible.
  • Limit travel to essential trips only.
  • Listen to local radio stations for updates if travel is necessary.
  • Inform loved ones of your movements and destination.
  • Equip your vehicle with essential items (chains, shovel, blanket, provisions, etc.) if expecting to be on the road.
  • Strictly adhere to traffic deviations and instructions.
  • Protect yourself from slips and falls.
  • Clear sidewalks in front of your home and use salt; avoid blocking drainage channels.
  • Facilitate the movement of emergency service vehicles, especially by parking your vehicle outside traffic lanes.

Approximately thirty traffic routes will be closed tomorrow due to winter conditions. The list of closed routes is as follows:
  • N27C between N27 and CR316
  • CR101 Schoenfels – Gosseldange
  • CR105B between N12 and CR105
  • CR105 Gaichel – Eischen
  • CR119 between N11 and Stafelter
  • CR120 Rollingen – Schoos
  • CR122A/B Wormeldange – Wormeldange-Haut
  • CR125 Walferdange – Stafelter
  • CR126B Senningerberg – Hostert
  • CR130 Godbrange – Koedange (Schiltzberg)
  • CR147 between Roodt and CR145
  • CR148A between Asselbur and N28
  • CR155 Filsdorf – Altwies
  • CR174 Differdange – Hussigny (France)
  • CR176 Lamadelaine – Vesquenhaff
  • CD176A between CR176 and Lasauvage
  • CR181 Bridel – Bereldange
  • CR189A Septfontaines – Goeblange
  • CR215A Rollingergrund (N55) – Bridel
  • CR226 Bonnevoie – Itzig
  • CR226 Contern – Syren
  • CR316 Mecher – Kaundorf
  • CR323 Lellig – Holzthum
  • CR337 between Beesleck and the Belgian border
  • CR351 Diekirch – Erpeldange
  • CR356 Ermsdorf – Savelborn
  • CR356B Folkendange – Reisermillen
  • CR364 Dillingen – Beaufort
  • CR376 between Grindhausen and CR339
  • CR377 intersection between N7 and Brandenbourg
  • CR379 Michelau – Flebour
  • CR363 Weiswampach – Belgian border

For those with the option of remote work, Wednesday would be an ideal day. Kindly share this news with all neighbors and friends. Additionally, a slight increase in snowfall is expected for Friday, but we anticipate a calming trend before the approaching weekend, with a temperature drop to -8 degrees Celsius on Saturday, according to the latest forecasts.