Luxembourg Dentist Banned for Life Following Disciplinary Council Verdict

Luxembourg - January 23, 2024

In a landmark decision by the Disciplinary Council of the Medical College, a dentist in Luxembourg has been barred from practicing as of January 30. Dr. Patrice Mattiuzzi, who has been actively involved in the dental profession in Luxembourg for nearly a decade, will be compelled to permanently shutter his practice in Bertrange following his conviction by the Disciplinary Council on December 20. The ruling signifies a lifetime ban on practicing dentistry in Luxembourg for Dr. Mattiuzzi.
Moreover, the prosecutor has confirmed the registration of another complaint against this dentist in February 2017. The National Health Fund (CNS) has filed a complaint against him for forgery and fraud, and investigations into this matter are still ongoing.
The first instance of misconduct by Dr. Mattiuzzi was reported to health inspectors by his former assistant in 2017. According to the assistant, systematic and serious errors were consistently made, with the use of similar equipment for different patients. Dr. Mattiuzzi consistently opted for the cheapest tools and materials, and former colleagues testify that patients received treatments that were unnecessary. At one point, his clinic was temporarily closed by health inspectors due to a malfunctioning sterilization device.
What adds a notable dimension to this case is that the physician had previously been banned from practicing in France since 2022. In the years 2011 and 2020, he faced legal consequences in France, notably for issuing forged invoices to his patients.
It is noteworthy that there is no cross-border system in Europe preventing physicians whose medical licenses have been revoked in one member state from continuing their practice in another member state.