Mental Health League of Luxembourg Launches First Aid Courses for Psychological Disorders

Luxembourg - January 23, 2024

The Mental Health League of Luxembourg is actively working towards raising awareness among the public to assist those in need and enhance the mental well-being of the community in Luxembourg. Recognizing the importance of first aid in addressing psychological disorders, the league is offering courses to equip individuals with the necessary skills to provide initial support before professional intervention.
In situations such as a panic attack, when someone around you is not feeling well, or if an individual expresses a desire to end their life, understanding the appropriate responses can make a significant difference. While these scenarios may not be as visibly apparent as a broken leg or a heart attack, learning to recognize the symptoms and gaining knowledge about these conditions can empower individuals to take clear steps in aiding someone in distress.
The Mental Health League of Luxembourg is conducting first aid courses tailored for mental health awareness. Participants will learn appropriate responses in case of symptoms in an individual, whether it be a loved one or even a stranger, struggling with mental health conditions.
These courses are open to everyone, and registration can be done on the website . However, it appears that all programs are fully booked for the year 2024.

For those in need, there are helplines available:
  • Children and adolescents can contact "Kanner-a Jugendtelefon" at 116111.
  • CePAS provides contact points in schools and high schools.
  • Adults can reach out to SOS D├ętresse at 454545.
  • In cases of harassment, Mobbing asbl is available for listening.
  • The website has compiled all contact points in Luxembourg for those seeking assistance.
  • In the event of suicidal thoughts, individuals are urged to call the police at any time at 113.