European Project Proposes Overhaul of Driving Licenses

Luxembourg - January 23, 2024

Negotiations are underway among European Union countries to establish a common digital driving license, a regulation that the Luxembourg government is keenly anticipating. While an agreement is in place, much work remains to be done, as Luxembourg summarizes the European Union-supported project for a digital driving license.
The initiative focuses on two directives concerning driving licenses and cross-border traffic offenses. The proposed European digital driving license would be universally valid across Europe, suggesting a reduction in the driving test age from 18 to 17. At this point, Luxembourg does not intend to amend its current laws, which entail learning at 17 and testing at 18.
On the other hand, the blanket extension of licenses beyond the age of 70 is entirely abolished in this project. It aims to restrict the validity period of licenses after a specific age by imposing mandatory medical examinations. In its current form, the license renewal system will not be impacted in Luxembourg until the age of 60.

Offending Drivers Abroad to Face Legal Consequences
European Union proposals also recommend adding traffic offenses for which drivers will face legal consequences abroad. The initial proposal by the Commission specifically suggests adding the following as traffic offenses:
  • Insufficient following distance
  • Dangerous overtaking
  • Hazardous parking
  • Crossing solid lines
  • Driving in the wrong direction
  • Disregarding emergency lanes or priority for emergency services
  • Overloading
  • Failure to respect access restrictions
  • Hit and run
  • Failure to adhere to rules at level crossings

Luxembourg is generally in agreement with this initiative but hopes to influence the pace at which Europe addresses certain offenses that are not directly related to "road safety concerns."