Luxembourg Ranked Among the Least Corrupt Countries Worldwide

Luxembourg - January 31, 2024

International Transparency Organization has released its Corruption Perceptions Index for the year 2023, measuring the principal indicator of corruption within governmental sectors globally.
In this ranking of 180 countries, Luxembourg secured the ninth position among the least corrupt nations with a score of 78, showing an improvement of one rank compared to 2022.
The Corruption Perceptions Index measures corruption perception on a scale of 0 to 100 across 180 countries. Countries scoring below 50 points often face significant corruption challenges.
The authors of this ranking highlight the weakening of judicial systems in many countries as a significant problem. Leaders of nations, whether authoritarian or democratic, are attempting to undermine justice within their countries, leading to an increased risk of corruption, as wrongdoers have fewer consequences to fear.
Countries with high scores, indicating relatively low corruption levels, must still combat corruption issues not reflected in their scores. Multinational corporations headquartered in these countries are involved in numerous international and cross-border corruption cases. For instance, when these corporations offer bribes to governmental or other authorities for business advantages.
Iran ranks 24th, Iraq 23th, Afghanistan 20th, Syria 13th, and Somalia, with a score of 11, is at the bottom of the ranking, appearing to be the most corrupt country in the world. On the other hand, Denmark tops the list with a score of 90, making it the least corrupt country globally.
Luxembourg's consistent position among the least corrupt nations reflects its commitment to transparency and integrity. As we navigate the complexities of the global landscape, these rankings serve as a benchmark for nations striving to enhance their anti-corruption measures and foster a fair and just society.