Autonomous Shuttles Soon to Enter Trial Phase in Luxembourg for Public Transport Fleet Replacement

Luxembourg - January 31, 2024

Among the anticipated achievements of Luxembourg National Railway Company (CFL) in 2024 is the introduction of autonomous shuttles by mid-year, a significant leap into the future of public transportation.
CFL's influence extends beyond the 275 kilometers of Luxembourg's railway, and its attention now turns to cutting-edge solutions in mobility. In addition to its commitment to carpooling through the Flex service, the company is set to embark on a new phase in 2024 by deploying its first autonomous shuttles, proudly adorned with the CFL logo.
Over a year ago, CFL expressed interest in adopting autonomous vehicles produced by HMI in Australia. However, before integrating other shuttles of this kind, the university district will serve as a testing ground for these autonomous shuttles.
While CFL is taking a pioneering step, it's worth noting that Esch-sur-Alzette adopted similar small-scale autonomous public transport in September 2022, known as Uelzechtmobil! Additionally, the first autonomous shuttles in Luxembourg made their appearance on the streets of the capital. For over five years, these electric, autonomous vehicles have been navigating the roads from Pfaffenthal to Grund. It seems these intelligent, driverless shuttles are poised to soon replace traditional city buses.
As Luxembourg continues to embrace innovative solutions for sustainable and efficient public transportation, the trial phase of these autonomous shuttles will provide valuable insights into their feasibility and integration into the existing transport infrastructure. The move towards autonomous public transport aligns with the global trend of leveraging technology for smarter and more efficient urban mobility solutions.