Multi-Million Euro Embezzlement at Caritas Charity in Luxembourg

In a large-scale fraud and embezzlement case, the charity organization Caritas, which aids the needy in Luxembourg, has announced that it has filed a complaint after discovering a financial theft amounting to several million euros. The organization confirmed that around 60 million euros have been stolen from its funds  ... read more

Significant Wage Increase and Tax Exemption Announced in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is set to see a remarkable increase in its minimum wage by the end of this year. This boost, scheduled for the fourth quarter, will elevate the minimum wage for unskilled workers to €2,635.21 per month, up from the current €2,570.93. Skilled workers will see their minimum wage rise to an unprecedented €3,162.23 per month  ... read more

Lyten to Establish European Headquarters in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg government has announced its decision to invest in Lyten, a global leader in lithium-sulfur battery technology. This initiative, described as a "success story" by three Luxembourg ministers and Lyten's CEO, marks a significant step in the country's commitment to innovation and sustainability  ... read more

Hiring at Hesperange Municipality Canceled by Minister Due to Familial Relations

Léon Gloden, Luxembourg's Minister of Home Affairs, has annulled the Hesperange Municipal Council's decision to hire a "Municipal Pact Coordinator." This decision came after objections from opposition parties and a legal review. Opposition parties raised concerns about the selected candidate's lack of required qualifications and familial connections to Mayor Marc Lies of the Christian Social People's Party (CSV)  ... read more

Luxembourg Announces 10% Increase in Living Allowance and Tripling of Energy Bonus

The Luxembourg government has unveiled significant changes to social benefits for low-income families. These changes include a 10% increase in the living allowance and a tripling of the energy bonus, aimed at supporting families as energy price caps are set to end later this year  ... read more

Encouraging Tenants to Report Housing Violations to Municipalities

Encouraging tenants to report violations not only improves their quality of life but also prevents further infractions and exploitation  ... read more

Important Notice: New Rental Regulations Effective from August 1 in Luxembourg

Starting August 1, new rental regulations will take effect in Luxembourg, aiming to reduce initial costs for tenants and ensure equal sharing of real estate agency fees between landlords and tenants. Additionally, new rules for cohabitation agreements have been established  ... read more

Historic Visit of Pope Francis to Luxembourg Scheduled for September

Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, will make a historic visit to Luxembourg in September 2024. The detailed itinerary and activities for his visit have been officially announced  ... read more

Tax Cuts: How Much Will You Benefit?

Finance Minister Gilles Roth has announced a package of tax cuts set to take effect on January 1, 2025. This package includes significant financial relief for single-parent families  ... read more

Job Advertisement: Skilled Chef Position Available at Mido Lux Kebab Restaurant

Mido Lux Kebab, a well-known restaurant located in the heart of Echternach, is seeking a skilled and experienced chef proficient in Turkish, Persian, and Kurdish cuisines. If you have the expertise in preparing and grilling kebabs, this job opportunity is perfect for you  ... read more

Friendly Picnic at Echternach Lake

The Turkuaz Cultural Association proudly invites you to a friendly barbecue-themed picnic on July 13, 2024, at 3:00 PM, at Echternach Lake (Lac d'Echternach)  ... read more

Senior Officer Suspended Over Sexual Abuse Allegations

According to reliable news sources, a senior military officer in Luxembourg has been suspended following allegations of sexual abuse made by a soldier. This decision came after a young soldier filed a complaint against the veteran officer in May  ... read more

Scandal in Luxembourg Police: Officer Ridiculed for His Accent

In recent weeks, a video from inside a Luxembourg police station has surfaced on social media, sparking significant reactions. The video, recorded at the central police station in Luxembourg City, shows officers mocking and insulting a colleague due to his French accent  ... read more

Bad News: Skyrocketing Rents in Luxembourg

Despite the new Luxembourg government’s promises to control the housing market and stabilize prices, the current reality shows these pledges remain unfulfilled. Rents continue to rise sharply, placing significant pressure on tenants  ... read more

Warning About a Cheese Sold in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (ALVA) has announced the recall of Cantal Entre-Deux AOP cheese from the Auchan brand due to the presence of Escherichia coli O26 bacteria  ... read more

Urgent Warning: Scam Calls with Fake Luxembourg Numbers Masquerading as Europol

In recent days, multiple reports have been received by the police regarding suspicious phone calls from fake Luxembourg numbers. These calls, seemingly orchestrated by professional scammers, aim to access the personal and sensitive information of their victims  ... read more

Blue Signs and Red Paths for Cyclist Safety has announced that the Roads and Bridges Administration plans to install blue signs reminding drivers to maintain a 1.5-meter distance when passing cyclists. These signs will be placed on national roads where there is no separator between cars and bicycles. The aim of this initiative is to improve cyclist safety  ... read more

Notorious Smuggler Identified in Kirchberg, Luxembourg Following the Tragic Death of an Iraqi Girl in the English Channel

In April, a tragic incident unfolded in the English Channel involving an illegal crossing by a group of migrants from France to England, resulting in the deaths of five migrants, including a seven-year-old Iraqi girl named Sara. Prompted by this event, a team of BBC journalists undertook a serious investigation to uncover and apprehend individuals identified as migrant smugglers involved in the incident ... read more

Warning: Avoid Consumption of These Cheese Products

The Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (ALVA - Administration luxembourgeoise vétérinaire et alimentaire) has taken action to recall and withdraw support for several types of cheese, including the Shawinigan AOP cheese  ... read more

Luxembourg Families Most Dissatisfied in the European Union

In 2022, expectations were high for improving the quality of leisure time across European Union residents. However, Eurostat reports reveal concerning trends, especially for Luxembourg, which scored 6.5 out of 10, marking one of the lowest satisfaction rates with leisure time in the EU  ... read more

Will Iranians Living in Luxembourg Participate in the Presidential Elections?

In the wake of the sudden death of Ebrahim Raisi, the President of Iran, an emergency presidential election is set to be held on June 28. However, this election has faced severe criticism and a boycott by many opponents of the Islamic Republic, labeling it a "sham election"... read more

Surge in Dengue Cases in Luxembourg: A Growing Concern

Luxembourg is grappling with an alarming rise in dengue fever cases as the invasive Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) establishes its presence in the regions of Roeser and Mamer. This development marks a significant public health challenge for the nation ... read more

Grand Duke of Luxembourg to Transfer Power to His Son

In a surprising announcement during Luxembourg's National Day celebrations last week at the Philharmonie, Grand Duke Henri revealed his intention to transfer power to his son, Prince Guillaume, in October ... read more

François Bausch Retires: Djuna Bernard to Succeed Him in the Chamber of Deputies

François Bausch, a prominent politician from the Green Party (déi gréng), is stepping down after 35 years of service. Djuna Bernard, a young and dynamic member of the same party, will replace him in the Chamber of Deputies ... read more

Ettelbruck Agricultural Fair: A Unique Experience for All

With great excitement, the 41st edition of the Ettelbruck Agricultural Fair will be held from July 5 to 7 at its traditional location in Däichwisen. As the largest agricultural fair in Luxembourg, this event features 350 exhibitors and offers a unique opportunity for all those interested in agriculture, local foods, and sustainability ... read more

Xavier Bettel Pursues a "Luxembourg Solution" for Recognizing Palestine

This week, the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies debated a petition calling for the recognition of Palestine as an independent state by Luxembourg. The petition, which garnered 5,315 signatures, sparked heated discussions in Parliament and led to demonstrations outside ... read more

Boycotting Elections: A Civil Tool to Counter Tyranny in Iran

Ehsan TARINIA - In recent years, Iran has faced significant political and social transformations. These changes have been particularly marked under the leadership of the grand dictator, Seyed Ali Khamenei, following events such as the massacres of autumn 2022 and the parliamentary elections of March 2023, which were marred by scandal. The death or sudden disappearance of Ebrahim Raisi, known as the "Butcher of Tehran," also provided an opportunity for some to renew their call for gradual improvement without fundamental change in the ruling regime. However, Ali Khamenei, with his purification program in the last three elections, has not even tolerated minimal competition ... read more

Government Unveils New Measures to Combat Energy Crisis

In response to the sudden surge in energy prices, Max Hahn, Minister of Family Affairs, emphasized the importance of supporting vulnerable households. "The abrupt increase in energy prices can present serious challenges for vulnerable families ... read more

Search for Escaped Kangaroo Named Sam in Luxembourg

Last week, the residents of Consdorf witnessed an unusual event: an 80-centimeter tall kangaroo named "Sam" escaped from its owner's property near Consdorf. Initially, several people, along with Sam's owner, spent the entire day trying to capture the runaway marsupial, but their efforts proved futile ... read more

€1,500 Subsidy for Used Electric Vehicles to be Introduced Soon

In a significant move towards promoting sustainable transportation, Luxembourg is set to introduce a €1,500 subsidy for used electric vehicles (EVs) that are three years old or older ... read more

Telecom Operators Face Potential Daily Fines of €100

In a significant move to bolster consumer rights and enhance service quality, the Luxembourg Regulatory Institute (ILR) has announced a series of new measures ... read more

Luxembourg's New Representatives in the European Parliament

Following the recent European Parliament elections, Luxembourg has seen significant changes in its representative composition. While the CSV party managed to maintain its position, the DP party lost one of its seats. The LSAP party also failed to secure its anticipated second seat, but the ADR party capitalized on the rising support for the far-right in Europe to ... read more

Does Luxembourg Indirectly Play a Role in Israeli Attacks on Gaza?

As the Gaza crisis continues and global protests escalate, some countries are being accused of complicity in the ongoing conflict. Luxembourg has found itself at the center of these allegations following reports that weapons were being shipped from Luxembourg to Israel aboard a vessel flying the Luxembourg flag   ... read more

Book Launch Ceremony by SIMOURQ Publishing at the University of Luxembourg: A Step Towards Promoting Culture and Literature

On June 7, 2024, the Kirchberg campus of the University of Luxembourg hosted a special event organized by SIMOURQ Publishing and the Iranian Students Association. This event, held to unveil newly published books by SIMOURQ Publishing, featured two prominent Iranian authors, Dr. Farah Dustdar and Morteza Iraei  ... read more

Luxembourg Government Council Approves Multiple Proposals: From Higher Taxes for Multinationals to Police Promotions

The Luxembourg Government Council approved several legislative proposals during its session last week   ... read more

Luxembourg Prisons: A Model for Managing Prison Populations in Europe

While 12 countries, including France and Belgium, grapple with overcrowded prisons, Luxembourg stands out as one of the most successful nations in managing prison populations, despite having the highest proportion of foreign inmates   ... read more

Inflation in Luxembourg: A Look at the Future and the Next Index

The annual inflation rate in Luxembourg has risen from 2.4% to 2.6%, as reported by Statec. In this article, we will take a closer look at the sectors that experienced price increases in May 2024 and address an important question: When will the next index be announced?  ... read more

Rodenticide Poisoning: The Cause of Mysterious Deaths of Bettambourg Crows

On May 16, 2024, ten dead rooks (Corvus frugilegus) were found under mysterious circumstances in the park of Bettambourg Castle. This incident raised immediate concern among local authorities and wildlife experts. Consequently, the dead crows were sent by the Administration of Nature and Forests (ANF) to the State Veterinary Medicine Laboratory (LMVE) for analysis to determine the cause of death  ... read more

Ticket Purchase Guidelines: Ensuring a Hassle-Free Experience

With the upcoming European Football Championship, Olympic Games, and music festival season approaching, the Consumer Protection Agency deems it essential to inform you about the risks of purchasing tickets from unofficial platforms and to remind you of key tips for a safe and secure purchase  ... read more

Supporting Luxembourg's SMEs: A New Step Towards Innovation

The Luxembourg Future Fund 2 (LFF 2) has launched its second iteration with the aim of bolstering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to encourage diversification and the implementation of innovative projects ... read more

Luxembourg Ministry of Finance Aims for €320 Million Savings: A Smart Move or a Cover for Deeper Issues?

Amidst severe criticism of the government's financial situation, the Ministry of Finance has recently announced a plan to save €320 million by opting to lease buildings instead of purchasing them. This decision comes as many experts and critics describe the country's economic state as concerning  ... read more

Luxembourg: Europe's Champion in Family Benefits

Reduction in Government Subsidies for Electric Vehicles: Luxembourg's New Policy Changes

Luxembourg Police Warning: Increase in Car Thefts in Various Areas

Luxembourg's 180-Degree Turn on Recognizing Palestin

Luxembourg's Water Contaminated with a Hazardous Chemical

Used Car Festival in Luxembourg: A Unique Opportunity for Buyers

Book Launch in Luxembourg

The SIMOURQ Association, in collaboration with the Iranian Student's Association, intends to hold a celebration for the launch of precious works and newly published books by SIMOURQ Publications on June 7, 2024, in the city of Luxembourg. On this occasion, enthusiasts of Iranian literature and culture are invited to double the joy and excitement of this celebration with their presence.

In this celebration, works published by the SIMOURQ Association through the esteemed efforts of Iranian writers will be introduced and reviewed. We invite you to adorn the most enriching moments of this celebration with your presence and turn this event into an unforgettable experience with your insights and experiences  ... read more

What Do You Know About the Naturist Association?

Luxembourg uni develops automatic speech recognition and translation tool

Luxembourg to ban hookah and e-cigarette ads as smoking rates rise among young people

Beware of Fake Emails and Text Messages!

Luxembourg's Royal Family Celebrates the Arrival of Princess Alexandra's First Child

Proposal to Recognize Palestine as a State Rejected by Luxembourg

Government Rejects Mandatory Distribution and Housing of Refugees Across Municipalities

Luxembourg Government Embarrassed: European Court of Justice Overturns Luxembourg's Decision Platform Can Help You Choose Better Candidates

The platform is a questionnaire-based tool that allows users to compare their political ideas with those of candidates or parties in European elections. Users can discover their political priorities as well as candidates through 38 questions ... read more

Pope Francis to Visit Luxembourg

According to Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, the Archbishop of Luxembourg, Pope Francis is expected to visit Luxembourg before the end of the year ... read more

How to Find Employment Opportunities in Luxembourg?

Many companies in Luxembourg are actively seeking skilled professionals who meet the country's job requirements. If you have expertise in a particular field along with a university degree, it could be your chance to work and live in Luxembourg ... read more

International Transportation Giant Uber Launches in Luxembourg

Starting from mid-June, it will be possible to directly book taxis via the Uber app in Luxembourg ... read more

Teacher Training Soon in the South and in French

Until now, teacher training could only be pursued in the cities of Mersch and Luxembourg with Luxembourgish as the language of instruction ... read more

Luxembourg Prime Minister: We Must Respect Other Countries' Decisions on Nuclear Energy

Prime Minister Luc Frieden announced in a public session of the parliament that the government believes we should accept and respect the decisions of other countries regarding nuclear energy ... read more

Pirate Party of Luxembourg Supports Toomaj Salehi and Four Other Prisoners

In a written response to the SIMOURQ Association's letter, members of the Pirate Party expressed their deep concern and regret for the intervention and rescue of Toomaj Salehi, an Iranian rap singer and songwriter who has recently been unjustly sentenced to death, and provided a copy of the letter they had sent to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Brussels to the SIMOURQ Association ... read more

Refugee Situation in Luxembourg Knows No Age Boundaries

In a noteworthy trend, Luxembourg stands witness to an indiscriminate pursuit of asylum, irrespective of age barriers. A staggering 146 unaccompanied minors filed for international protection as asylum seekers in the preceding year alone  ... more info

Self-Protection Against Digital Threats: A Crucial Imperative

Data breaches via text messages or emails, fraudulent websites, spyware, and even viruses continue to proliferate unabated on our smartphones, constituting a persistent menace that has surged over the years. According to a United Nations report, a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds  ... more info

Police Warning Regarding New Method of Theft

When it comes to perpetrating wrongdoing, the ingenuity of criminals knows no bounds. Luxembourg police have issued a warning about a new method being employed by burglars before carrying out thefts  ... more info

Embark on a Musical Journey with Legendary Ensemble 'Mah' - European Tour 2024!

Join us for an enchanting evening of classical Iranian music as the legendary ensemble “Mah” embarks on their second European tour  ... more info

Lost Parcel Sale Event Coming to Luxembourg for the First Time

"Ten tons of lost packages!" Yes, you read that right. Ten tons of lost parcels are making their way to Luxembourg City in the upcoming days, set to be sold at the Kirchberg Shopping Center from April 30th to May 4th ... read more

Opening of Dr. Haleh Hashtroudi's clinic, Pediatrician

Opening of Dr. Haleh Hashtroudi's clinic, Pediatrician, offering services in Persian, English, and German in the city of Dudelange ... read more

Conference on Woman, Life, Freedom, and Resistance

In collaboration with the National Museum of Resistance of Luxembourg and the Human Rights Association ACAT, the municipality of Esch-sur-Alzette is hosting the Conference on Woman, Life, Freedom, and Resistance on April 25, 2024, at 7:30 PM ... read more

Rise in Chlamydia Cases Raises Concerns in Luxembourg

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are on the rise across Europe, and unfortunately, Luxembourg is not immune to this trend ... read more

Use of Electronic Parking Discs Still Prohibited in Luxembourg

While automatic parking discs are permitted under specific conditions in Germany, their use remains prohibited in Luxembourg  ... read more

The Right to Abortion: A Perpetually Contested Issue Depending on the Governing Regime

While France made a historic decision by enshrining the right to abortion in its constitution on March 4, 2024, and the United States has seen a retreat from this right, could there be a change in status quo with the advent of a new government in Luxembourg? ... read more

Warning Issued: Do Not Consume This Pasta and Return it to the Store

Delhaize chain stores have removed fresh pasta products, including spinach and Indian almond pesto, due to "cross-contamination with peanut allergen" ... read more

New Regulations: Electric Vehicles Must Charge While Parked

In accordance with Article 107 of Luxembourg's Road Traffic Act, parking spaces designated for electric vehicles are explicitly reserved for vehicles connected to charging stations ... read more

Ban on Virginity Certificates Issuance Soon in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is on the brink of enacting a law to prohibit the issuance of certificates validating a woman or girl's virginity status, a move seen as a significant step towards gender equality and the elimination of outdated and harmful practices ... read more

Beware of Giant Ticks in Luxembourg

Several giant ticks have previously been discovered in Luxembourg. We explain why the appearance of this type of giant tick is problematic ... read more

Luxembourg Institute of Health Warns: Beware of Baseless Claims About "Hypoallergenic" Animals

A team from the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) conducted research on the topic of hypoallergenic pets, investigating the so-called "hypoallergenic" animals ... read more

Luxembourg Government Approves Several Amendments to Rental Legislation

The government has recently confirmed several amendments to the rental bill ... read more

Luxembourg Government Advises Against Travel to the Middle East, Especially Iran

Amid heightened tensions in the Middle East, particularly between Israel, Lebanon, and Iran, and the escalating risks of military escalation, the Luxembourg government strongly advises its citizens to refrain from traveling to the Middle East ... read more

Debating the Controversial Plan for Returning Asylum Seekers to Third Countries in the European Union

According to the London-Kigali Partnership Agreement, under which Rwanda commits to accepting asylum seekers who have "irregularly" arrived in Britain, even if they have never set foot in the African country, this plan has gained support in the European Union from countries like Austria and Denmark ... read more

FBI Seeks Owners of Stolen Painting in Luxembourg

In a recent statement, the FBI expressed hope to locate the rightful owners of a stolen painting in Luxembourg, believed to have been taken during World War II ... read more

Consumer Union Calls for "Less Greed" and "More Humanity" from Luxembourg Banks

The Consumer Union of Luxembourg (ULC) is urging the Luxembourg financial center to share more profits with its customers ... read more

Luxembourg Rental Prices to Surge in Coming Months

While talk of potential improvement in the housing market persists, rental prices continue to surge across the nation, a problem that could worsen in the coming months ... read more

Warning Issued for Product Containing Glass Fragments

The Luxembourg Food Safety and Veterinary Authority has issued a recall for a product under the brand name Jacquet due to the potential presence of glass fragments ... read more

Luxembourg's Reliance on EU Funding Raises Questions

With European Union (EU) development budgets directed towards Luxembourg, questions arise about the necessity of such funding for the wealthiest EU member state ... read more

Luxembourg Considers Reviewing Cannabis Laws Following Germany's Legalization

Following in the footsteps of Malta in 2021 and Luxembourg last year, Germany has become the third European country to legalize recreational marijuana use. However, while its consumption remains highly regulated, Luxembourg's neighbors have surpassed the laws put in place by the previous coalition ... read more

Prime Minister Dismisses Hopes of Gaza Families in Luxembourg

Prime Minister Luc Frieden stated that the government cannot assist Gaza residents in Luxembourg in evacuating their families from the war-torn region... read more

New Tax Agreement Impacts German Border Workers in Luxembourg

A new tax agreement between Germany and Luxembourg, effective since January 1, 2024, is bringing significant changes for cross-border workers, particularly those employed in Luxembourg. One of the notable changes is the inclusion of overtime pay for German border workers in Luxembourg under taxation... read more

Housing Sales Prices Decline in Luxembourg, Rent Prices on the Rise

The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Statec) indicates that housing prices in the last quarter of 2023 have decreased for the fifth consecutive quarter, while, on the other hand, rent prices have resumed an upward trajectory ... read more

Strain in Luxembourg's Refugee Acceptance System and Housing Shortages

Luxembourg has recently witnessed strains in its asylum acceptance system due to a surge in demand coupled with a shortage of housing. The country, which previously accommodated new asylum seekers within a structured reception system, has faced difficulties in maintaining this approach ... read more