Prime Minister Dismisses Hopes of Gaza Families in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, March 27, 2024 - Prime Minister Luc Frieden stated that the government cannot assist Gaza residents in Luxembourg in evacuating their families from the war-torn region.
Residents of Gaza living in Luxembourg have pressured the government to help evacuate their family members stranded in the Gaza Strip since the onset of attacks by Hamas terrorists on October 7. Luc Frieden, speaking at a press conference, said, "The exit of people from Gaza is not easy and in most cases impossible. We do not see any possibility of evacuating people from the Gaza Strip to Luxembourg."
The Prime Minister noted that Luxembourg's neighbors were only able to evacuate their own citizens from Gaza, and none of the individuals seeking evacuation from Gaza residents in Luxembourg are Luxembourg nationals. "Our thoughts are with the people of Gaza," said Luc Frieden, adding that Luxembourg continues to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza.
Luxembourg is one of the few countries that has continued its financial assistance to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), despite allegations of its staff's involvement in Hamas terrorist attacks. The Prime Minister stated, "Assistance on-site is the appropriate response for us in this regard."
Luc Frieden announced that the government has decided not to take further action. He clarified that none of the cases submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs met the necessary conditions for family reunification. However, the government will not review these criteria given the critical situation in Gaza, where, according to Palestinian health officials, nearly 30,000 people have been killed.
The United Nations has warned of the risk of famine, with a Red Cross spokesperson describing the situation as "more than a disaster." According to satellite data analysis by The Associated Press, approximately two-thirds of buildings in Gaza have been destroyed.
Luc Frieden stated that Luxembourg currently cannot provide long-term accommodation for these individuals. He said, "We cannot accept and integrate them in the long term. We cannot manage the conditions."
The Prime Minister added, "Although everyone would like to welcome individuals in need from Syria, Afghanistan, or Gaza, this is simply not feasible for Luxembourg." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had announced last year that the country's refugee housing facilities were almost at full capacity.