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An independent multilingual daily news platform and a comprehensive general information database based in Luxembourg, established and managed by SIMOURQ asbl.

Completely autonomous, without any government or special organizational financial support
Our goal is to enhance the awareness of immigrants and assist in their integration into Luxembourg society. We will persevere, even if many obstacles come because we believe in our mission and are not driven by personal gain. Our objective is to build a society based on humanity, rather than class divisions.

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The choice of the name "SIMOURQ" for our association carries profound symbolic significance. One of the literary masterpieces centered around SIMOURQ is "Mantegh al-Tayr" by Attar Neyshaburi, a revered work of Persian mysticism composed in the 6th century AH.

In Sufi literature, the soul of an individual is likened to a bird, and its body to a cage. This bird is perpetually eager to escape its cage. This literature primarily serves to elucidate this yearning.

The narrative of "Mantegh al-Tayr" begins with the assembly of birds, declaring their desire for a king to submit to and acknowledge. This king, known as SIMOURQ, is said to hold sway over both the East and the West. They embark on a journey to find and dwell under its shadow, to be the subjects of its reign, heed its commands, and abide by its decrees. It is rumored that there exists a king, known as SIMOURQ, whose dominion spans the Orient and the Occident. Let us go to find him and entrust ourselves to him.

In this story, a congregation of birds, emblematic of seekers on the path of truth, unite in their quest for SIMOURQ, the embodiment of Divine Truth. Amidst this journey, the Hoopoe bird serves as their guide and the venerable sage. They make their way towards Mount Qaf, the abode of SIMOURQ.

At the outset of their journey, some of the birds, using various pretexts, abandon their quest. The Hoopoe, by recounting the tale of Sheikh San'an, persuades the rest to continue their path. The birds encounter seven arduous valleys, symbolizing the stages of spiritual journey: Quest, Love, Knowledge, Detachment, Unity, Bewilderment, Poverty, and Annihilation. Many birds falter and fall along this arduous path. Only thirty birds persevere and ultimately reach the realm of SIMOURQ. In essence, these thirty birds (Si-Mourq in Persian means thirty chickens or birds) are the SIMOURQ themselves, having transcended the trials of the seven valleys to become one with SIMOURQ.

Each one of us, having left behind our homes, families, abodes, and lands in search of SIMOURQ (inner peace and the desired life), is, within ourselves, a SIMOURQ in pursuit.

In truth, we immigrants possess all the factors for success and achieving perfection. We need only discover it within ourselves and nurture and elevate it.

About us

Since February 2019, the Persian section of SIMOURQ news, titled "LuxembourgCheKhabr," was established by the SIMOURQ Association with the aim of providing information on ceremonies, new laws, and government updates in Luxembourg. Until the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, this section operated as a newsletter and only became active in case of the announcement of a new program or law. However, with the arrival of the virus, thanks to the determination of the board of directors and the help of SIMOURQ Association volunteers, the translation of official statements, statistics, and recommendations from the Luxembourg Ministry of Health into Persian began. Gradually, after the exceptional reception from Persian speakers, this section was promoted and started to cover daily and useful news and events in Luxembourg for the general public free of charge.

Enrichment of Contents:

In March 2020, to meet the needs of all, including non-literate individuals and Persian-speaking migrants, "LuxembourgCheKhabr" introduced weekly audio broadcasts in Persian. These broadcasts also addressed topics related to COVID-19, providing crucial information to a population often underserved in terms of official communication.

Evolution of LuxembourgCheKhabr:

In the following months, new programs such as the educational podcast "Hamzaban," providing useful information to facilitate integration regarding the history of Luxembourg, the royal family, Luxembourgish culture, the Luxembourgish flag, geography, etc., in Persian, were added to "LuxembourgCheKhabr."

Diversification and Future:

Starting from September 2022, the production of educational videos titled "SAIL-Service d'Accompagnement à l'Intégration au Luxembourg" also began, providing information on the use of the Guichet portal and administrative procedures such as required documents, laws, how to fill out forms, etc., in Persian. All stages of production for these videos were carried out 100% by the editorial team trained by the SIMOURQ Association.

In November 2022, reports and video interviews in Persian were also added to the Persian section of SIMOURQ news, broadcasted on social media platforms YouTube and Instagram, and shared by other broadcasting platforms.

Challenges and Needs:

Since November 2022, in addition to the specialized and comprehensive Persian section that operates to cover news, sections in Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, Urdu, Spanish, French, and English are also under development. However, the main challenge currently lies in constraints such as financial limitations and a shortage of resources to sustain these activities within the SIMOURQ Association. Adding new languages for immigrants and citizens is part of the prospects for WWW.SIMOURQNEWS.COM, but the primary concern of the association's at present is the financial issues and necessary equipment to continue these activities.

Our Mission

  • Enhancement of Educational and Cultural Activities:

The project aims to produce educational and informative content on social platforms, thereby contributing to the achievement of educational and cultural goals for all segments of society. This includes daily publication of reports in the form of text, audio, and video on the website as well as on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter.

  • Promotion of Solidarity and Interconnection:

The project aims to provide educational programs and information to migrants and citizens of Luxembourg, while promoting respect and solidarity among different ethnicities and cultures.

  • Assistance in Migrant Integration:

The project provides advice and assistance to facilitate the integration of migrants into Luxembourgish society, thereby encouraging active and positive interaction among members of the Luxembourgish community.

  • Promotion of Ethical and Social Values:

The SIMOURQ Association places great importance on promoting its ethical values, particularly kindness among cultures, as a key element of its objectives.

  • Ensuring Accurate Dissemination of Information:

The project aims to expand information activities in different languages and provide accurate and useful information to the migrant community in Luxembourg.

  • Promotion of New Ideas:

Migrants and citizens can share their new and diverse opinions and perspectives by reading and writing articles in the media.

  • Right to Participate in Important Matters:

The project grants migrants the right to voice their opinions on social and political issues in the host country and participate in the decision-making process.

  • Support for Immigrants' Rights:

Disseminating information about immigrants' rights and related issues can contribute to strengthening their rights and guarantees.

Join us

The vision of the SIMOURQ Association is to create a diverse and integrated community in the country of Luxembourg. The association aims to promote cultural, artistic, and social interactions among different cultures, while facilitating the effective presence of immigrants in society. With a focus on cultural issues and a motto of "Kindness between Cultures," the SIMOURQ Association strives to recognize and embrace immigrants as active and empowered members of Luxembourg. The association pursues this goal by providing accurate information, educational content, and introducing successful immigrants to various segments of the local community and authorities of Luxembourg. The vision of the SIMOURQ Association is to achieve a balance within society and promote social integration, while respecting cultural diversity.
Furthermore, it is our privilege to always be on the lookout for talented individuals interested in becoming part of the active SIMOURQ News family. If you are interested in collaborating, please don't hesitate to contact us. Rest assured, a wonderful experience awaits you.