Conference on Woman, Life, Freedom, and Resistance

In collaboration with the National Museum of Resistance of Luxembourg and the Human Rights Association ACAT, the municipality of Esch-sur-Alzette is hosting the Conference on Woman, Life, Freedom, and Resistance on April 25, 2024, at 7:30 PM ... read more

Rise in Chlamydia Cases Raises Concerns in Luxembourg

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are on the rise across Europe, and unfortunately, Luxembourg is not immune to this trend ... read more

Use of Electronic Parking Discs Still Prohibited in Luxembourg

While automatic parking discs are permitted under specific conditions in Germany, their use remains prohibited in Luxembourg  ... read more

The Right to Abortion: A Perpetually Contested Issue Depending on the Governing Regime

While France made a historic decision by enshrining the right to abortion in its constitution on March 4, 2024, and the United States has seen a retreat from this right, could there be a change in status quo with the advent of a new government in Luxembourg? ... read more

Warning Issued: Do Not Consume This Pasta and Return it to the Store

Delhaize chain stores have removed fresh pasta products, including spinach and Indian almond pesto, due to "cross-contamination with peanut allergen" ... read more

New Regulations: Electric Vehicles Must Charge While Parked

In accordance with Article 107 of Luxembourg's Road Traffic Act, parking spaces designated for electric vehicles are explicitly reserved for vehicles connected to charging stations ... read more

Ban on Virginity Certificates Issuance Soon in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is on the brink of enacting a law to prohibit the issuance of certificates validating a woman or girl's virginity status, a move seen as a significant step towards gender equality and the elimination of outdated and harmful practices ... read more

Beware of Giant Ticks in Luxembourg

Several giant ticks have previously been discovered in Luxembourg. We explain why the appearance of this type of giant tick is problematic ... read more

Luxembourg Institute of Health Warns: Beware of Baseless Claims About "Hypoallergenic" Animals

A team from the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) conducted research on the topic of hypoallergenic pets, investigating the so-called "hypoallergenic" animals ... read more

Luxembourg Government Approves Several Amendments to Rental Legislation

The government has recently confirmed several amendments to the rental bill ... read more

Luxembourg Government Advises Against Travel to the Middle East, Especially Iran

Amid heightened tensions in the Middle East, particularly between Israel, Lebanon, and Iran, and the escalating risks of military escalation, the Luxembourg government strongly advises its citizens to refrain from traveling to the Middle East ... read more

Debating the Controversial Plan for Returning Asylum Seekers to Third Countries in the European Union

According to the London-Kigali Partnership Agreement, under which Rwanda commits to accepting asylum seekers who have "irregularly" arrived in Britain, even if they have never set foot in the African country, this plan has gained support in the European Union from countries like Austria and Denmark ... read more

FBI Seeks Owners of Stolen Painting in Luxembourg

In a recent statement, the FBI expressed hope to locate the rightful owners of a stolen painting in Luxembourg, believed to have been taken during World War II ... read more

Consumer Union Calls for "Less Greed" and "More Humanity" from Luxembourg Banks

The Consumer Union of Luxembourg (ULC) is urging the Luxembourg financial center to share more profits with its customers ... read more

Luxembourg Rental Prices to Surge in Coming Months

While talk of potential improvement in the housing market persists, rental prices continue to surge across the nation, a problem that could worsen in the coming months ... read more

Warning Issued for Product Containing Glass Fragments

The Luxembourg Food Safety and Veterinary Authority has issued a recall for a product under the brand name Jacquet due to the potential presence of glass fragments ... read more

Luxembourg's Reliance on EU Funding Raises Questions

With European Union (EU) development budgets directed towards Luxembourg, questions arise about the necessity of such funding for the wealthiest EU member state ... read more

Luxembourg Considers Reviewing Cannabis Laws Following Germany's Legalization

Following in the footsteps of Malta in 2021 and Luxembourg last year, Germany has become the third European country to legalize recreational marijuana use. However, while its consumption remains highly regulated, Luxembourg's neighbors have surpassed the laws put in place by the previous coalition ... read more

Prime Minister Dismisses Hopes of Gaza Families in Luxembourg

Prime Minister Luc Frieden stated that the government cannot assist Gaza residents in Luxembourg in evacuating their families from the war-torn region... read more

New Tax Agreement Impacts German Border Workers in Luxembourg

A new tax agreement between Germany and Luxembourg, effective since January 1, 2024, is bringing significant changes for cross-border workers, particularly those employed in Luxembourg. One of the notable changes is the inclusion of overtime pay for German border workers in Luxembourg under taxation... read more

Housing Sales Prices Decline in Luxembourg, Rent Prices on the Rise

The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Statec) indicates that housing prices in the last quarter of 2023 have decreased for the fifth consecutive quarter, while, on the other hand, rent prices have resumed an upward trajectory ... read more

Strain in Luxembourg's Refugee Acceptance System and Housing Shortages

Luxembourg has recently witnessed strains in its asylum acceptance system due to a surge in demand coupled with a shortage of housing. The country, which previously accommodated new asylum seekers within a structured reception system, has faced difficulties in maintaining this approach ... read more