Luxembourg's New Representatives in the European Parliament

Luxembourg - June 10, 2024

Following the recent European Parliament elections, Luxembourg has seen significant changes in its representative composition. While the CSV party managed to maintain its position, the DP party lost one of its seats. The LSAP party also failed to secure its anticipated second seat, but the ADR party capitalized on the rising support for the far-right in Europe to enter the parliament. The Green party also managed to hold onto its position.
This election, featuring 78 candidates across 13 different lists, set a record for Luxembourg. Despite the changes observed in these election results, it appears that these changes will not cause any major shifts in Luxembourg’s political landscape, and Prime Minister Luc Frieden can remain at ease. This contrasts with French President Emmanuel Macron, who had to dissolve the French National Assembly.
A major change resulting from this election was the ADR party's entry into the European Parliament. This is the first time that the Alternative Democratic Reform Party, founded in 1987 with the sole aim of demanding equal pension benefits between public servants and private sector employees, has managed to secure a seat in the European Parliament.
The DP party, which lost one of its seats to the ADR, faced significant challenges due to the Monica Semedo issue. Semedo faced multiple sanctions due to allegations of moral harassment.

Luxembourg's New Representatives in the European Parliament
In the previous term, Luxembourg was represented by four women and two men in the European Parliament, but it will now be represented by four men and two women. The elected representatives are:
Charles Goerens (DP): He received 86,132 votes, the highest number of votes. He has been in the European Parliament since 1982.
Christophe Hansen (CSV): He received 79,804 votes, making him the second most popular candidate.
Marc Angel (LSAP): He received 69,648 votes, marking a significant achievement.
Isabel Wiseler-Lima (CSV): She received 58,307 votes and secured her second term in the European Parliament.
Tilly Metz (Green Party): She received 43,828 votes, fewer than in the previous term, but managed to retain her seat.
Fernand Kartheiser (ADR): He received 37,684 votes, making him the surprise of this election.

Analysis of the Election Results
The results of this election primarily affected the DP party, which saw its vote share decrease by 3.15% and retained only one seat in the European Parliament. The CSV party performed the best with 22.91% of the votes, and the ADR party secured a seat with 11.76% of the votes. Despite a 9.53% increase in votes, the LSAP party failed to secure a second seat. The Green Party had the worst performance with a 7.15% decrease in votes.